Wednesday, March 04, 2009

lost poems

here are some poems that i've made that i've recovered from my friendster inbox.

nOeMi wrote:
> fruits of endless hours of not knowing what to
> my self with.. enjoy..
> >EF-U<
> He turns to me and then he smiles
> Turning on his masculine wiles
> But all I could think about were you hilarious
> And it's the weird faces that you make, when
you tell
> them, that I miss
> He would take my hands between his and kiss
> wrists
> He tells me how smooth and soft they feel and
> my perfume is one of a kind
> Yet an image of you, staring at my hands, like a
> starving man to a feast
> Your eyes drifting close as I touch your cheek,
> forever ingrained in my mind
> He would smell and kiss and twirl my hair when
> holds me close
> And he would press a kiss at the back of my
> and nuzzle my nose
> But my memory conjures your fingers, gently
> through my hair
> Then teasingly tracing my spine, leaving sweet
> shivers everywhere
> When were together, he would wield his guitar
> sing to me
> His voice, the sweet melody-all in perfect
> Yet my ears fell deaf to his song and I hear your
> stupid out-of-tune voice
> The boisterous laughter amidst your painful
> of Kiss From a Rose
> I want to make new memories with him but I'm
> trapped by yours
> Wounds that you've left are healing-he's not
> by the scars
> I know someday he'd breach my silent walls and
> rescue me
> But for now I weep for things that was, that is
> cannot be
> >Summer Insanity<
> Endless summer night sky
> A vast place for my wandering mind
> Looking for answers not meant to find
> Deciphering echoes of times left behind
> A million stars winking all in harmony
> Teasing men about their dreams and destiny
> "Wish upon me, tell me your heart's desires
> For I am you sole confidante in this secret hour
> Some shout their jubilation for the entire world to
> Some weep their hearts out silently
> Others blame and curse their fate at the stars
> While others revel in their destined love
> And through it all the summer night sky bears
> Silent, sympathetic to our human weaknesses
> Aiding those who seek to break a pact to be
> Consoling the hearts left behind, broken, by
> selfish souls
> Summer is a season of utter madness
> A time of nonsensical whispers and careless
> Time to shed one's deepest inhibitions
> Of wicked, impassioned flirtation
> Summer breaks hearts
> Sometimes it also mends them
> It's a time when new love starts
> While most reach their ending
> Hot and humid days, warm nights
> Possibilities are taking over
> Nothing seems wrong but nothing seems right
> Either way, it's up to you to drink it all in
> ...or stay lonely and sober

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