Sunday, August 13, 2006

I am officially kissing dating goodbye

I'm a Christian and i'm through not doing anything about it. I feel like a fraud because God does so much for me and yet, i question myself, what do i do for him? I've read purpose driven life and i am amazed how God is so insightful, how omnipotent he is, cuz he found the one thing that could reach through my barriers.. books.

Since i've read ppdl.. i find myself wanting to read other christian books..

one time, Rica gave me a brochure of christian books-and a title jumped out at me. It was boy meets girl by Joshua Harris. During those times, i was praying to God, asking him to "please, please, let me experience love" nyahaha.. how corny is that?!! but the truth is, I really did feel lonely. Before i go to sleep at night, i ask myself, what good did i do to a person today? I know i sound hypocritical, but its true, i do ask myself weird questions to put me to sleep. It's my mind's way of rewinding and unloading all my thoughts. And all those answers i could find to that certain question seems to lack something. I guess, i wanted to be needed and to feel like my existance meant something to somebody out there, beyond the superficial, beyond the material things i could offer. Anyway, i've been asking God that and now, realize that he has given me an answer. When that book title jumped out at me amidst others, it was the start of God's loving reply. I looked that book up and saw that it was for couples. a friend saw me looking at it, my face must have mirrored my disappointment, cuz she told me that there was a book by that same author-a best selling book for singles entitled "I Kissed Dating Goodbye"

weird.. but this book pretty much tells me to wait.. its beginning to strengthen my resolve to wait.. nyahahha.. basta.. its really something.. im having so much fun reading it..

I encourage others to read it.. young and old alike.. Christian or not..

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