Saturday, March 18, 2006

a day at Avilon Zoo

wahehehehe.. ansaya ng day na toh.. (gawd.. i sound like Kris Aquino.. bleah..) anyway, me and a couple of classmates and these kids we teach at MILC went to this awesome zoo at the heart of montalban rizal.. i wasn't disappointed, infact, on the contrary, i was quite surprised and exhilirated.. who would have thought that a grown girl like me could feel like a child at a candy store t a zoo??!! heheh.. it was really cool, i particularly liked the talking Mayana birds.. one meows, says panget then goodbye.. another one says hello, hah? and talaga.. it was really funny.. so funny in fact that we went back without the tour group.. frankly im surprised that Avilon Zoo is not really that known to more people.. for me it is the ultimate destination if you guys wanna have good clean fun with your family with the kids. Their animals are well maintained-unlike in manila zoo wherein the animals are malnourished. They have beautiful animals.. each and everyone in good health, very clean (that if you want, they can take it out of the cage and let you pet it, unless of course it is highly deadly..)and really human friendly.. :)) it's so vast that we nearly got lost.. o yea.. in case ur wondering, the entrance is only 188 Php.. anyway, back to my adventure(man, im so depraved that i consider visiting the zoo such a thrilling event.. huhuhuhu..) i got to pet the hawk, a huge owl and an eagle, it was soo cool and they are such magnificent creatures.... another unforgettable event for me, is the one when a couple of us went back to see the big cats.. the puma won't come out, the jaguar was sleeping-so was the cheetah and.. the huge tiger was cleaning himself by his railings... and so we took pictures of him (im not really certain but since it seems petulant and suplado, i decided to call it a he.), oohed and ahhed over him cuz he's such a magnificent cat and he growled back a little.. well, that shouild have warned us but it didn't, he suddenly stood up and roared up at us, frightening us a bit but eventually making us laugh.. anyway, he's really glorious.. i wish i could post the pix to show you just how much, but i can't cuz i don't have much time.. newei..

ciao.. hoping u had a great day just like i did..

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