Wednesday, October 26, 2005

updating.. updating..

well, i finally have a very short sembreak.. and a very short time to update my blog. between all my school work and homestuff, i really dont have much time to look much less update my blog.. so here i am, trying to make amends..

my mom bought a house in Bulacan. I am really happy about our new neighborhood.. it seems nice.. but we wont be moving there till who knows when.. the jury is still out on that one..

i have a lot happening in my life right now but im not really in the mood for sharing.. instead, id rather post a poem ive made a couple of weeks ago.. i havent figured out a title for it yet.. o yea.. i made it myself.. i know its no dickinson but please dont copy it and post it as your own.. its not that good anyway.. please... thanks..!

I've always been a level-headed kind of girl
But when you give me that look, my insides begin to whirl
There's something about you that makes me lose my sanity
It's like suddenly being thrashed like a bouy in a particularly violent sea

As it turns out, im not as weird and as different as i thought
For females flock to you like a fire attracts hordes of moth
But boy, im not playing at their kind of game
Out to claim you for their own fame

I must warn you though, i don't fool around
I get what i want, as cocky as that may sound
I have no plans of playing in that game you must have played a couple of times before
The kind that morning leaves a girl in rumpled sheets as you're starting for the door

But i do want you...

i want you like the sahara craves rain
i want you like morphine, to take away my pain
i need your love as i need air to live
i hunger for your love that you never give

damn it.. how do i make you mine?
how much farther must i cross the line?
but then again i've already discarded my rules
havent i proven that i am the best among these fools?

So here it is, my last desperate attack
get ready to be amazed and shocked
For i will rock your world till all your walls have fallen down
And i'll emerge as your woman amidst all these clowns


its a bit weird, don't you think? i know its my poem but.. eeekk.. i wonder if i would really go so far to win a guy's heart? but then again, society frowns upon that so.. waahh.. i dunno..

this poem is not dedicated to any particular person, or object..


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