Sunday, September 11, 2005

The week that was

Im still reeling in from this weeks ups and downs. I feel as though I’ve been dragged through manila a thousand times… literally! Last Friday, I was so happy that our society’s general assembly went great despite the fact that so many things tried to thwart us from our goal, it was so annoying! They know they can’t win! Hehehe..

Saturday, August 13, 2005, Aira dragged me to the 25th Manila International Book Fair. I had such a grand time. I met up with my god parents and helped my godmother pick out books for their library in AdU. Must be nice being alibrarian and getting to pick your books and the school will be paying for it. Hahhyy.. it was so nice. All the sales people were treating my ninang as if she was royalty although she was dressed quite simply. I felt like a kid in a candy store that could only get free tastes and can’t afford to buy some.. it was sheer torture!!! Anyway, I stayed with them till nine in the evening. At first my mom was furious but when she found out that I was with my godparents she was quite relieved. I received so many give aways.. bags, cups, calendars and a really nice poster saying I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT BOOKS. It was nice too because it also had quotations from famous people on how important and how pleasurable reading could be. We went to a book launching in one of the function rooms (hehe, there was free merienda too!). it was by the CCP (cultural Center of the Philippines)they launched Ani:31 Mga Tula ng Puso (Harvest:31 Poems of Love) it was the 31st addition to the harvest series which feature Filipino Literary works. There was a reading and it was passionate and quite graphic but the pinoy’s romantic side shines through quite clearly. Most of the poems were in the vernacular. There was pangasinense, ilocano, cebuano.. and so much more. It was quite a read. Then they launched a documentary on the late Pacita Abad. She was quite the painter. It was titled “groovy” which perfectly describes her art. It was colorful, vibrant and so full of life! After that we went to a reflexology class. It was very informative too! I was exhausted but what the heck; I totally dug my day at the fair.

Monday was such a shock for me. Two of my fellow org officers.. or maybe three.. had a falling out, and im in the middle of it. They’re patching it up nanaman.. well, I hope so, for the org’s sake. I reported about Medieval Inquisition in our Social and Political Theories and Movements class. It went great! I loved talking about Joan of Arc and how she was burned at the stake for heresy when the king had no more use for her in the war. But the results of the quiz I gave was quite disappointing. It was about European Feudalism only a few of my classmates passed despite our very lively discussion.

Tuesday, I brought my CCP calendar of events to school and my May back ish of Cosmo w/c I also bought at the fair. I browsed through it and found something that caught my interest. It was a play entitled “Ang Pokpok ng Ohio” (the whore from Ohio). Me and a couple of friends decided to save up money to watch the play by October. Our dicussion then turned to documentaries and my classmate told me that the I-witness docufest will be held at SM manila the following day. I was so psyched!

Wednesday was interesting enough. I answered every question thrown at me in the Hermes quiz correctly, world geography test was cancelled, so I literally couldn’t wait to go to SM manila and watch the docufest. I was so disappointed when, as it turns out, it will be this coming Saturday.

Thursday, I attended our outreach group on YOF. It was very emotional for me.

Friday, mam hicarte had a long talk with me, it was also emotional and I thank her and God for giving me a chance to know a person like her. She helped me ask God to take away all my guilt feeling over my aunt’s death that I was surprised to feel that I had carried for quite while..

Saturday! Docufest here I come. First I met up with Caloy and some other officers. I gave them money from the org’s treasure chest to print the shirt. Anyway, I hurried to the theaters and sure enough, Raffy Tima’s “Basura” was there on the big screen, I was so lucky that I was given a seat although most of the people were standing up. I sat next to the I-witness crew. I wouldn’t go into detail about the docus here. But I really had a great time.

Now it’s Sunday, I have nothing to do but reflect on the past week..


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