Monday, July 25, 2005

same shit different day

i've been trying to get away from my responsibilities for 4 days now. I've become such a useless creature.. lurking in the sofa, rummaging through my pocketbook collection.. not having any appetite.. in short.. im a mess.

although of course, when you see me at school, you pretty much won't notice it. anyway.. enough about that. its time for me to regal you of my boob-tube finds.

last saturday and last night.. i was glued to the Lifestyle Channel. I'm no martha stewart wanne be or am i dreaming to be the next tyra banks or naomi campbell. i just found something really interesting in this channel that i usually by pass unless there is an E! entertainment special or revealed. NO! IM NOT TORTURING MYSELF W/Jaques Torres' chocolate recipes and tantalizing desert ideas... I was watching a german movie titled "ANTONIA" whew.. was it complicated or what! God, it was such a wonderful movie. I wonder if Edsel would be so nice as to review it. Anyway, it's about Antonia, she is a law student who was also a part-time paparazzi. she happened to snap a picture of the Count Leonhart Ahrendorrf with a woman. Also included in the picture was an unknown man. Anyway, Leonhartd pursue her until he got the film. It was quite a long movie-more or less four hours that was why it was cut in two parts. Anyway, i wasn't bored by it. there was so many twists and turns in the plot that there was not one single unimportant scene. Basically, it was a drama, mixed with suspense and action. There was also a bit of comedy involved but all the same it was very touching...

i wonder if i could find a pirated DVD of it in Quiapo. It would be soO worth it even if I bought the original. anyway.. did i mention that the woman who portrayed antonia had likeness to sandra bullock's jaw line and face shape? while her smile resembles Julia Roberts' and her body type is like... like... man.. i can't think of any hollywood type as voluptous as this woman. She's so sexy! She's like queen latifah, minus about a couple of pounds but the boobs are the same size. she's really hot. and the men.. aw my gawd.. Leonhardt has really pretty deep blue eyes while moritz has light green eyes. The casting director did a great job and the actors/actresses are really very talented.

suddenly im so open to foreign languaged films. i wanna see "hable con ella"...

anyway.. antonia is such an intense movie. i wouldn't mind seeing it again.

back to the real world. PGMA will be presenting her SONA in a matter of hours a couple of meters from where i live... arrgghh.. what is happening to my country??!!!!!

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