Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Home Study Program

I'm so excited.. as in sobra.. not excited as in natutuwa but more on anticipation. Pano ko kea matuturuan yung mga bata dun sa bosco? me matututunan kaya sila saken? it doesn't get more real than this. I hope this would be a success. I so want to help.. at least in my own way. I may not be rich enough to give them money but i reckon that i have enough knowledge to start them on their way.

Me and my mom had a very heated argument just a couple of hours ago. She was suggesting that i go to Canada-and the first words out of my mouth was... "NO WAY WILL I BE SOME SPOILED BRAT'S YAYA" i think she was really taken aback by what i blurted out. So i prattled on about NOT WASTING 4 YEARS OF MY LIFE-NOT TO MENTION THE CITY GOVERNMENT OF MANILA'S MONEY-STUDYING- JUST TO COOK AND CLEAN AND WIPE SOMEONE ELSE'S Ass. When i settled down a bit-it was her turn to lecture me about.. kweh? come to think about it.. i never really listened to what she was saying. My mind was made up. The only way that they would get me to set foot on that frigid country is if I will be teaching there-as a bonafide professional teacher. no way am i settling for less.

anyway.. nuff about that.. i have an unfinished story here.. i hope you guys would comment on it.. it is actually finished but i havent typed it all yet.. this is about 1/3 of my story.. anyway.. here it goes.. enjoy..


Brent! It’s you!” Somere replied, startled by Brent’s sudden greeting.

moron.. how dare he show his face to me??

“So, how
was it? Is it what you’ve imagined it to be??” Somere asked with a bit of
sarcasm that she can’t quite hide.

seemed oblivious.

“Oh, the
play?? Oh Wow! Actually.. it went beyond my expectations. They all performed
much better than they did at practice. I guess actors really do work best under
pressure..” Brent enthusiastically shared. While Somere blustered inwardly.

Oh I
bet.. no pressure at all especially for you, the main character.. you seemed so
relaxed.. so friggin cocky and confident.. most evidently in that sweet sweet
kiss in the finale.. with Sandra.. damn..

as Somere has no inclination to take over the conversation like she usually
does. Brent decided to take the lead. “So.. are you gonna give us good
reviews? You need pictures to go along with your article in the school
paper??” He asked with a bit of a smile.

Oh no
you don’t.. you don’t get squat! I hated the play.. hated it.. it’s a
blatant mockery of everything the theatre stands for.. Okay.. Oh boy.. get a
hold of yourself Somere.. it wasn’t really that bad... actually.. it was quite

Sandra really lacked acting skills.. so she made up for it with her incredible
lip-locking skills.. or should I give the credit to Brent??

was bowed down all the while.. before looking up at Brent and plastering a fake
smile into her face. “Yea.. sure.. the story was great and the ending.. was..
well.. it was so much more passionate than I had expected.” Somere’s smile
faltered a bit. Remembering the kiss that had stunned the whole audience,
students and teachers alike, Somere can’t help feeling a stab of jealousy,
especially when she speculated how thoroughly Brent and Sandra must have

you too huh.. everyone’s talking about it.. some seniors even approached me
this morning, with Sandra’s humongous jock boyfriend to express their dislike
of the ending..” Brent announced grimly.

quickly checked her companion out for bruises. Sandra’s very jealous, very
possessive boyfriend is one of the school bullies. It would not be unusual for
him and his posse to beat the living daylights out of Brent. So far she could
see no obvious damage. Brent is perfect, as usual. “You okay??” Somere
finally asked in a voice choked by concern.

better be okay. Or I swear to God I will use every connection I have.. tell
every friggin “accident” that big oaf got into.. to the principal. I vow
that I will get him kicked out and make his life a living hell if he ever
touched one strand of Brents chocolate hair.

flashed his 1000 megawatts smile. “Yea.. im fine.. nothing physical.. verbal
sparring.. that’s all..”

don’t believe you for one second Brent. I’m gonna find out exactly what
happened. Verbal sparring my ass! Sandra’s boyfriend doesn’t have enough
words in his vocabulary for a verbal push.

don’t know what’s all the fuss about anyway. It’s just a kiss. So it’s
with a pretty girl, big deal! A kiss is only between the two people who are
doing it and how they feel about each other..” Brent said to himself

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