Tuesday, June 14, 2005

why i hate shopping

shocking isn't it? noemi:the girl who hates shopping. i'm probably one of the few in our sex that feels the way i do about shopping. i consider it a time consuming, energy draining and totally dull chore. Oh sure, there are cute sales clerks lurking about the malls, flashing their winning smiles and come hether looks to giggling and unsuspecting victims, but to tell you the truth, id rather they hire people who are ordinary looking. Those who won't distract the customers from looking for exactly what they are looking for. Not that i am ever distracted; since i pay as much attention to a hovering sales clerk as i do to a fly on a wall.

Anyway, i have to post about my shopping trip yesterday. It started out a little bit weird. I was walking back and forth, trying to look for a proper spot to flag down an FX taxi, when suddenly, this guy started calling me. "Miss.. miss.. wait.." so i looked back and stopped walking a bit. When he reached me.. he looked straight at me and said in filipino "Miss, would you mind if I ask you a question?" He looked like he urgently needed the answer and decent enough so i said "Sure, what is it?" Then he shocked me by bluntly saying "May I know your name?" I was like... err.. what makes you think i'd give it to you? Even if you look realy cute in your orange shirt and pretty face (he's not gayish.. he just has.. a pretty face..). And besides, i smell something fishy; at worst this may be a ploy to steal my shopping money at best, it might be one of those stupid joke shows that the masses seem to love but i just find totally inadequate and lacking true good natured humor... Like, cmon! i'm not really the kind of girl who attracts THAT kind of attention. It felt really weird. Anyway.. of course, i didn't say all that.. i just smiled my "thanks, but no thanks" expression aND QUICKLY WALKED AWAY.. After that i joined a clump of people where there was a man neaby flagging down fx taxis for everyone. And so i went to the mall. Nothing eventful there, except that the guy in Penshoppe wrapped my purchased item on a plastic bag 3 times it's size. Maybe he felt sorry for me. Carrying my other purchases around in a couple(as in two) of shopping bags. Anyway, that was thoughtful of him. I was walking behind a couple of pretty fine ladies, making my way around the mall to look for interesting things to buy when all of a sudden, the tallest girl screamed a bit then covered her mouth, her eyes went like saucers then she spoke to her friends.. "Oh my GOSH! GUESS is on sale! look! look! Oh I must have that green cardigan" And sure nuff i found myself staring after the bunch hurrying towards the GUESS shop.. anyway, i found her reaction hilarious. It's like she had seen a rockstar or something. Guess she really adored that green cardigan. I was also thinking of buying that sony DVD Rom Rewritable yesterday at electroworld. It's only 1600 bucks. But then again it was good that i didn't give in to my impulse cuz my mom would have skinned me alive when i got home when i tell her that i had exhausted all my funds.

anyway.. i gotta get ready now.. school's in a couple of hours.. toodles!!

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