Thursday, June 30, 2005

turning over a new lay-out

What a day! I’ve finally finished most of the stuff which I had to do. TES stuff and reporting stuff which has been constantly giving me nightmares these past few weeks. I can’t even lie down a bit and NOT think about what I SHOULD be doing. Anyway, I finally decided that I needed a change of company and scenery… hmm.. I think I’m going too fast.. maybe I should start mentioning about our classes first.. NO.. I should probably tell you all about my newly lay-out-ed blog. Well, here it is. I think it’s a bit cleaner than the other one and much more gloomy-it definitely captured the real me.. hehe.. well.. not really.. some people tell me that I am quite bubbly and energetic. Enough about that.. of course I would like to thank Photokicho for providing us hapless ignorants when it comes to web designing, a really beautiful lay-out. Hmm.. I hope that some people heeded my advertisement.. Anybody who has nothing to do.. I finally got myself a PC that connects me to friendster. Okay.. I was a bit late coming into our Asian Civilization class but when I got there, Mam Gil is not yet inside-how lucky can a girl get? Daddy Anniel’s report was about Uzbekistan, whose capital is Tushkent and whose main export is cotton and has at least 97% literacy rate. Okay.. forward to Social and Political Theories and Movements Class. My highlight of this class was when the whole class was arguing about the “Gloriagate” scandal.. then the discussion turned into robbery then my teacher told us girls that when a guy attacks us, we must seem submissive then strike at the least suspected moment by elbowing or kicking or squeezing their groin as hard as we humanly can.. as in.. then she said that the groin is the guy’s weak point – it is where his life depended.. then she said that if the guy’s groin is where his life was depended, in girls, she said it’s the boobs. The class went wild with laughter. But she is right.. I’ll try to keep that advice in mind.. heheh.. after classes.. I wanted to go home na, but then Kim approached me and said that Kat will be meeting with her this afternoon and if I wanted to come too.. I said yes because I wanted a change of company. I nearly wasn’t able to oblige her since the SC called for a meeting.. thank god it was someone else’s turn to go.. so me and kim went into booksale. She was reading this book titled “girl2girl” – don’t be pervs! Its an inspirational book that is made to encourage people to look at queer sexuality in a lighter tone. Me, I bought a novel by Johanna Lindsey. When it was finally time to meet the lovely Kat. We’ve never really been.. really close in the past.. probably because there were too many people around to meet, rather than to be able to talk to them one on one. Anyway, she’s fun company and quite thoughtful too. She’s often smiling-giving that aura of warmth.. Although at first I felt left out but it worked out okay. Ah.. yea.. I’d like to thank Gianne (or is it Gian? Waaahh.. im confused..) for another grain of knowledge added to my very dense brain. I have got to try that on to my soc. Scie classmates. After we got too cold inside SM, we went to the walls and I suddenly discovered my xtreme fear of heights-oh well, maybe because I have no faith in my shoes or the length of my palda. Ah basta.. I had one hell of a time climbing the walls. But it was fun.. I had to admit.. I haven’t laughed so hard since last week. Anyway, we just talked to one another till – being the good girl that I am – announced that It is time for me to go home already. They obliged and I was able to catch a fastrans bus going home. Iwas so surprised when the conductress only charged me 21 pesos-when the guy yesterday charged me 27 and the lady conductress when I went to school charged me 22. they all belonged to one bus company. Anyway.. im not complaining.. I think they are quite partial to female students such as myself. Funny thing though.. a three Japanese (or were they Korean?? Im confused) exchange students entered the crowded bus. And so they were forced to stand till somebody vacated their seats. One of the girls sat next to me and began sleeping.. she was swaying right to left.. from my arm to the arm of the person on the aisle seating opposite us. I was amused.. but being the nice person that I am, I woke her when people were to pass on the aisle (which her head blocks a bit.. cuz she is swaying..) anyway.. basta.. its really funny.. she looked like that girl who was engaged to Carlo even before he met Vivian in lovers in Paris. She’s cute… but mas cute yung guy that was with them. He is the humanized version of Kageyama from gatekeepers.. with the dark glasses and all.. I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t the one who sat next to me..
I got home safe and sound and looking forward to another day..

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