Sunday, June 12, 2005

rant rant rant

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. When you feel one, you also feel the other...

What if you don't feel anything? n0t love.. not hate.. just indiferrence... what do you do??

But you still think about him most of the time. You always seem to remember vividly your times together. Just one reminder and you're back again to that special place.. that one moment... that one. perfect. moment.

Suddenly you feel stupid and then regrets slowly take their toll and then, the longing comes.

Theses feelings are directed towards you, not to the person whom you once shared these moments with. To you.. he was just another failed attempt, just another guy who passed your way and did not stay...

...or maybe you're just in denial..

you still silently bleed but you have become numb because you're already hollow. You are indifferent because you have nothing more to give.. not enough heart to feel either hate or love..

you have become so adept at hiding that even you can't find that girl whom you once were.

enough of that crap, i can just feel bile rising in my chest.

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