Tuesday, June 07, 2005

just another incoherent gibberish

im gonna be a bridesmaid...

OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!!!! ..not just A bridesmaid but THE maid of honor.. damn.. i could hardly wait.

yea yea.. i am a bit over reacting, but this is such a big deal for me. the last wedding i participated in was almost a decade ago.. with me being the flower girl.. and now.. im a friggin maid of honor.. LoL.. i simply can't contain my excitement.

Not that i haven't attended weddings these all these years(im not so deprived naman noh!).. it's just that, im always a relative, a guest, not somebody who partakes in the ceremony itself...

i patiently wait for the day when i will finally be the one saying those vows to the man i love *kilig*.. uh-oh.. hopeless romantic-ness activated.. i could just imagine myself, radiant.. walking down the aisle, looking as besotted as i feel. Looking towards the altar where my husband-to-be, Constantine Maroulis is beaming at me with untainted admiration and true love shining through his beautiful eyes. As my dad gives my hand to him, he seemed equally mesmerized as i am. he whispered.. "Oh baby.. you are a Goddess.. how did i get to be so lucky??!!" then he gently squeezes my hand as if to reassure himself that i am not some cruel apparition that can vanish in a moment. "so do you.. " was all i could say, blushing at the generous praise he gave me. We exchange vows that we have written by ourselves to better express our love and unfailing commitment to one another. You could just hear some of the women guests crying softly at the beauty and the sincerity of our vows to love and cherish each other till eternity...

okay.. nuff about that... focus noemi.. focus, ur getting distracted again..

anyway, my cousin, Reinalyn will be the bride at the wedding where i was supposed to be her maid of honor. She's my cousin whom i felt the most comfortable with. I love her like an older sister. She's really sweet and funny. She's petite and looks a lot like Tony Gonzaga. She works as an entertainer in Tokyo. She has an awesome voice. It is in Japan where she had met her hubby-to-be, Yamada-san. He is thirty-something while my cousin is younger than 25 years old. he had a wife whom he had divorced years ago. I forgot whether he had kids or something. he seemed nice enough according to my cousin. He's decent and doesn't drink much.. and he seems to really make my cousin happy.. if she's happy.. then i am happy for her..

the wedding is scheduled on September.. i'll be sure to post pics.. hehhe..

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