Friday, June 24, 2005

constantly crazy about constantine maroulis

yea.. i know AI has been over for a couple of weeks now. But i was so delighted when i saw constantine on an episode of elimidate. He was absolutely hilarious. I really love him (ack!!!) waaahhh.. i can't seem to get his boyish charms out of my head. although i must admit he really was a bit gay-ish on that show. the way he folds his arms and the way he talks about the other guys. The girl was soO lucky, but i gotta admit she is pretty smart too. She cut the over-bearing pompous guy second. anyway.. i thought constantine was gonna lose so i was ecstatic when he didn't. heheh.. nobody could resist his charms even then. with the black leather pants and chocolate colored jacket and that endearing smile and that powerful and heady voice.... who the fuck can withstand that kind of hedonistic assault? some of the guys even taunted him, calling him a queen (pertaining to the rock group) wannabe. they even criticized him of being a traditional greek. waaahhhhh!!! i am so grateful that i cut school!!!!!!!!!! hehehheehhehe.. although i missed somebody.. and that somebody had been constantly plaguing my dreams these past few nights.. arrrgggghhh!!! i can't stand it anymore..

ok.. im speaking gibberish again.. ive got some pix that i would like to share to my peeps.. could anybody suggest a photo hosting site which allows at least 1mb per photo? i hate to destroy my pics by using photo hosting that shrink my pix..

wuv u ol.. keep on livin loud..

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