Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Candidate for my "Shitty-est Day Ever" Award

My day started out ordinarily enough. I got to school on time. My professors were great. I had nothing to complain about… until classes were over.

As Mam Hicarte dismissed us, a former classmate and a fellow org officer dragged me to an SC (student council) meeting. He then told me that he had to leave me to attend the meeting alone on behalf of our org because he has class cards to pass to his current prof. So I said okay, since, obviously, I had no choice. The meeting lasted for an hour. Basically the meeting was all about the upcoming mardigras and field work for the foundation day celebration on Sunday. After the meeting, I went to the CR and horror of all horrors, my damn period had just started. I debated whether I should just go straight home and do my best to hide the stain(thank God there wasn’t much) or should I buy new “stuff” and “stuff” then clean my self up in the mall first. Well, there’s a no brainer. I went straight to the mall and bought the things I needed. When I’m all cleaned up, naturally, I went looking for a ride home. While I was walking a dark alleyway, I stepped into a drainage-opening ankle deep in dark, dirty and murky water. Talk about unfortunate. I wanted to cry right there and then but my adult self told me that that would be childish, not to mention, very weird and pointless. So I shrugged it off. I was getting impatient so when a bus pulled over, I hopped onto it, hoping that there would at least be seats available. Sadly, there were none. So spent the hour ride to our house standing in a crowded air-con bus. Thank God the guy standing next to me was no perv. That would have sucked not to mention I might have snapped out of my sanity.

And so I finally got home, wet, dirty and very very tired.

I hope my org mates call me soon because our org have some monumental tasks to do.

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