Thursday, June 30, 2005

turning over a new lay-out

What a day! I’ve finally finished most of the stuff which I had to do. TES stuff and reporting stuff which has been constantly giving me nightmares these past few weeks. I can’t even lie down a bit and NOT think about what I SHOULD be doing. Anyway, I finally decided that I needed a change of company and scenery… hmm.. I think I’m going too fast.. maybe I should start mentioning about our classes first.. NO.. I should probably tell you all about my newly lay-out-ed blog. Well, here it is. I think it’s a bit cleaner than the other one and much more gloomy-it definitely captured the real me.. hehe.. well.. not really.. some people tell me that I am quite bubbly and energetic. Enough about that.. of course I would like to thank Photokicho for providing us hapless ignorants when it comes to web designing, a really beautiful lay-out. Hmm.. I hope that some people heeded my advertisement.. Anybody who has nothing to do.. I finally got myself a PC that connects me to friendster. Okay.. I was a bit late coming into our Asian Civilization class but when I got there, Mam Gil is not yet inside-how lucky can a girl get? Daddy Anniel’s report was about Uzbekistan, whose capital is Tushkent and whose main export is cotton and has at least 97% literacy rate. Okay.. forward to Social and Political Theories and Movements Class. My highlight of this class was when the whole class was arguing about the “Gloriagate” scandal.. then the discussion turned into robbery then my teacher told us girls that when a guy attacks us, we must seem submissive then strike at the least suspected moment by elbowing or kicking or squeezing their groin as hard as we humanly can.. as in.. then she said that the groin is the guy’s weak point – it is where his life depended.. then she said that if the guy’s groin is where his life was depended, in girls, she said it’s the boobs. The class went wild with laughter. But she is right.. I’ll try to keep that advice in mind.. heheh.. after classes.. I wanted to go home na, but then Kim approached me and said that Kat will be meeting with her this afternoon and if I wanted to come too.. I said yes because I wanted a change of company. I nearly wasn’t able to oblige her since the SC called for a meeting.. thank god it was someone else’s turn to go.. so me and kim went into booksale. She was reading this book titled “girl2girl” – don’t be pervs! Its an inspirational book that is made to encourage people to look at queer sexuality in a lighter tone. Me, I bought a novel by Johanna Lindsey. When it was finally time to meet the lovely Kat. We’ve never really been.. really close in the past.. probably because there were too many people around to meet, rather than to be able to talk to them one on one. Anyway, she’s fun company and quite thoughtful too. She’s often smiling-giving that aura of warmth.. Although at first I felt left out but it worked out okay. Ah.. yea.. I’d like to thank Gianne (or is it Gian? Waaahh.. im confused..) for another grain of knowledge added to my very dense brain. I have got to try that on to my soc. Scie classmates. After we got too cold inside SM, we went to the walls and I suddenly discovered my xtreme fear of heights-oh well, maybe because I have no faith in my shoes or the length of my palda. Ah basta.. I had one hell of a time climbing the walls. But it was fun.. I had to admit.. I haven’t laughed so hard since last week. Anyway, we just talked to one another till – being the good girl that I am – announced that It is time for me to go home already. They obliged and I was able to catch a fastrans bus going home. Iwas so surprised when the conductress only charged me 21 pesos-when the guy yesterday charged me 27 and the lady conductress when I went to school charged me 22. they all belonged to one bus company. Anyway.. im not complaining.. I think they are quite partial to female students such as myself. Funny thing though.. a three Japanese (or were they Korean?? Im confused) exchange students entered the crowded bus. And so they were forced to stand till somebody vacated their seats. One of the girls sat next to me and began sleeping.. she was swaying right to left.. from my arm to the arm of the person on the aisle seating opposite us. I was amused.. but being the nice person that I am, I woke her when people were to pass on the aisle (which her head blocks a bit.. cuz she is swaying..) anyway.. basta.. its really funny.. she looked like that girl who was engaged to Carlo even before he met Vivian in lovers in Paris. She’s cute… but mas cute yung guy that was with them. He is the humanized version of Kageyama from gatekeepers.. with the dark glasses and all.. I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t the one who sat next to me..
I got home safe and sound and looking forward to another day..

Friday, June 24, 2005

constantly crazy about constantine maroulis

yea.. i know AI has been over for a couple of weeks now. But i was so delighted when i saw constantine on an episode of elimidate. He was absolutely hilarious. I really love him (ack!!!) waaahhh.. i can't seem to get his boyish charms out of my head. although i must admit he really was a bit gay-ish on that show. the way he folds his arms and the way he talks about the other guys. The girl was soO lucky, but i gotta admit she is pretty smart too. She cut the over-bearing pompous guy second. anyway.. i thought constantine was gonna lose so i was ecstatic when he didn't. heheh.. nobody could resist his charms even then. with the black leather pants and chocolate colored jacket and that endearing smile and that powerful and heady voice.... who the fuck can withstand that kind of hedonistic assault? some of the guys even taunted him, calling him a queen (pertaining to the rock group) wannabe. they even criticized him of being a traditional greek. waaahhhhh!!! i am so grateful that i cut school!!!!!!!!!! hehehheehhehe.. although i missed somebody.. and that somebody had been constantly plaguing my dreams these past few nights.. arrrgggghhh!!! i can't stand it anymore..

ok.. im speaking gibberish again.. ive got some pix that i would like to share to my peeps.. could anybody suggest a photo hosting site which allows at least 1mb per photo? i hate to destroy my pics by using photo hosting that shrink my pix..

wuv u ol.. keep on livin loud..

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Candidate for my "Shitty-est Day Ever" Award

My day started out ordinarily enough. I got to school on time. My professors were great. I had nothing to complain about… until classes were over.

As Mam Hicarte dismissed us, a former classmate and a fellow org officer dragged me to an SC (student council) meeting. He then told me that he had to leave me to attend the meeting alone on behalf of our org because he has class cards to pass to his current prof. So I said okay, since, obviously, I had no choice. The meeting lasted for an hour. Basically the meeting was all about the upcoming mardigras and field work for the foundation day celebration on Sunday. After the meeting, I went to the CR and horror of all horrors, my damn period had just started. I debated whether I should just go straight home and do my best to hide the stain(thank God there wasn’t much) or should I buy new “stuff” and “stuff” then clean my self up in the mall first. Well, there’s a no brainer. I went straight to the mall and bought the things I needed. When I’m all cleaned up, naturally, I went looking for a ride home. While I was walking a dark alleyway, I stepped into a drainage-opening ankle deep in dark, dirty and murky water. Talk about unfortunate. I wanted to cry right there and then but my adult self told me that that would be childish, not to mention, very weird and pointless. So I shrugged it off. I was getting impatient so when a bus pulled over, I hopped onto it, hoping that there would at least be seats available. Sadly, there were none. So spent the hour ride to our house standing in a crowded air-con bus. Thank God the guy standing next to me was no perv. That would have sucked not to mention I might have snapped out of my sanity.

And so I finally got home, wet, dirty and very very tired.

I hope my org mates call me soon because our org have some monumental tasks to do.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

why i hate shopping

shocking isn't it? noemi:the girl who hates shopping. i'm probably one of the few in our sex that feels the way i do about shopping. i consider it a time consuming, energy draining and totally dull chore. Oh sure, there are cute sales clerks lurking about the malls, flashing their winning smiles and come hether looks to giggling and unsuspecting victims, but to tell you the truth, id rather they hire people who are ordinary looking. Those who won't distract the customers from looking for exactly what they are looking for. Not that i am ever distracted; since i pay as much attention to a hovering sales clerk as i do to a fly on a wall.

Anyway, i have to post about my shopping trip yesterday. It started out a little bit weird. I was walking back and forth, trying to look for a proper spot to flag down an FX taxi, when suddenly, this guy started calling me. "Miss.. miss.. wait.." so i looked back and stopped walking a bit. When he reached me.. he looked straight at me and said in filipino "Miss, would you mind if I ask you a question?" He looked like he urgently needed the answer and decent enough so i said "Sure, what is it?" Then he shocked me by bluntly saying "May I know your name?" I was like... err.. what makes you think i'd give it to you? Even if you look realy cute in your orange shirt and pretty face (he's not gayish.. he just has.. a pretty face..). And besides, i smell something fishy; at worst this may be a ploy to steal my shopping money at best, it might be one of those stupid joke shows that the masses seem to love but i just find totally inadequate and lacking true good natured humor... Like, cmon! i'm not really the kind of girl who attracts THAT kind of attention. It felt really weird. Anyway.. of course, i didn't say all that.. i just smiled my "thanks, but no thanks" expression aND QUICKLY WALKED AWAY.. After that i joined a clump of people where there was a man neaby flagging down fx taxis for everyone. And so i went to the mall. Nothing eventful there, except that the guy in Penshoppe wrapped my purchased item on a plastic bag 3 times it's size. Maybe he felt sorry for me. Carrying my other purchases around in a couple(as in two) of shopping bags. Anyway, that was thoughtful of him. I was walking behind a couple of pretty fine ladies, making my way around the mall to look for interesting things to buy when all of a sudden, the tallest girl screamed a bit then covered her mouth, her eyes went like saucers then she spoke to her friends.. "Oh my GOSH! GUESS is on sale! look! look! Oh I must have that green cardigan" And sure nuff i found myself staring after the bunch hurrying towards the GUESS shop.. anyway, i found her reaction hilarious. It's like she had seen a rockstar or something. Guess she really adored that green cardigan. I was also thinking of buying that sony DVD Rom Rewritable yesterday at electroworld. It's only 1600 bucks. But then again it was good that i didn't give in to my impulse cuz my mom would have skinned me alive when i got home when i tell her that i had exhausted all my funds.

anyway.. i gotta get ready now.. school's in a couple of hours.. toodles!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

rant rant rant

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. When you feel one, you also feel the other...

What if you don't feel anything? n0t love.. not hate.. just indiferrence... what do you do??

But you still think about him most of the time. You always seem to remember vividly your times together. Just one reminder and you're back again to that special place.. that one moment... that one. perfect. moment.

Suddenly you feel stupid and then regrets slowly take their toll and then, the longing comes.

Theses feelings are directed towards you, not to the person whom you once shared these moments with. To you.. he was just another failed attempt, just another guy who passed your way and did not stay...

...or maybe you're just in denial..

you still silently bleed but you have become numb because you're already hollow. You are indifferent because you have nothing more to give.. not enough heart to feel either hate or love..

you have become so adept at hiding that even you can't find that girl whom you once were.

enough of that crap, i can just feel bile rising in my chest.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

just another incoherent gibberish

im gonna be a bridesmaid...

OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!!!! ..not just A bridesmaid but THE maid of honor.. damn.. i could hardly wait.

yea yea.. i am a bit over reacting, but this is such a big deal for me. the last wedding i participated in was almost a decade ago.. with me being the flower girl.. and now.. im a friggin maid of honor.. LoL.. i simply can't contain my excitement.

Not that i haven't attended weddings these all these years(im not so deprived naman noh!).. it's just that, im always a relative, a guest, not somebody who partakes in the ceremony itself...

i patiently wait for the day when i will finally be the one saying those vows to the man i love *kilig*.. uh-oh.. hopeless romantic-ness activated.. i could just imagine myself, radiant.. walking down the aisle, looking as besotted as i feel. Looking towards the altar where my husband-to-be, Constantine Maroulis is beaming at me with untainted admiration and true love shining through his beautiful eyes. As my dad gives my hand to him, he seemed equally mesmerized as i am. he whispered.. "Oh baby.. you are a Goddess.. how did i get to be so lucky??!!" then he gently squeezes my hand as if to reassure himself that i am not some cruel apparition that can vanish in a moment. "so do you.. " was all i could say, blushing at the generous praise he gave me. We exchange vows that we have written by ourselves to better express our love and unfailing commitment to one another. You could just hear some of the women guests crying softly at the beauty and the sincerity of our vows to love and cherish each other till eternity...

okay.. nuff about that... focus noemi.. focus, ur getting distracted again..

anyway, my cousin, Reinalyn will be the bride at the wedding where i was supposed to be her maid of honor. She's my cousin whom i felt the most comfortable with. I love her like an older sister. She's really sweet and funny. She's petite and looks a lot like Tony Gonzaga. She works as an entertainer in Tokyo. She has an awesome voice. It is in Japan where she had met her hubby-to-be, Yamada-san. He is thirty-something while my cousin is younger than 25 years old. he had a wife whom he had divorced years ago. I forgot whether he had kids or something. he seemed nice enough according to my cousin. He's decent and doesn't drink much.. and he seems to really make my cousin happy.. if she's happy.. then i am happy for her..

the wedding is scheduled on September.. i'll be sure to post pics.. hehhe..

Sunday, June 05, 2005

just another nonsensical post

well, first of all.. i am happy that i am finally able to do what i want-which is to put sounds in this blog..

today, its been one month since my aunt died. things are slowly getting back to normal. although most of us.. still feel that sadness, that void.. that had settled in our hearts ever since she passed away. this event in our lives made me realize how important it is to enjoy the time that is being given to me to explore the world, to be in the company of my loved ones and to experience all that life has to offer.

on a lighter note..

i can't wait for classes to start. not that im a masochist or something.. its just that i miss my friends and blockmates (hehe, classmates seemed too plain..) can't wait to give em hugs and kisses. i think im gonna like this sem a lot basically because i am fond of the subjects that i will be taking up. anyway.. those who are interested.. here's my sched for this sem.

Schedule for 1st Semester of Junior Year, S.Y. 2005 – 2006


Asian Civilization 1:00-2:30PM AVA-4
Social and Political Theories 2:30-4:00PM AVA-5
and Movements


Foundations of Education 1 1:00-2:30PM AVA-4
Rural and Urban Sociology 2:30-4:00PM AVA-4
Curriculum Development 5:30-8:30PM AVA-4


Foundations of Education 2 11:30-2:30PM AVA-1
World Geography 2:30-5:30PM AVA-1


Asian Civilization 1:00-2:30PM AVA-4
Social and Political Theories 2:30-4:00PM AVA-5
and Movements


Foundations of Education 1 1:00-2:30PM AVA-4
Rural and Urban Sociology 2:30-4:00PM AVA-4
Educational Evaluation 5:30-8:30PM AVA-4

Our classes will be starting come June 13..

Thursday, June 02, 2005

helluva week

..or more aptly, heaven.

it started out by thursday. gusto ni mama na pumuntang Tangaon (piddig, ilocos norte) para ayusin yung birtch certificate nya. saktong sakto din kasi uuwi sila auntie tess dala yung L300 para sa 1 year death anniversary ni Lola Ilig. And so, mga 11 ng gabi, umalis kami papuntang norte. Masaya ang biyahe kasi dinala nu Uncle yung tuta nyang si Jojo at kasama si Gerwin-pamangkin ko na 2 taon lang ang tanda ko. Don't ask why.. may pamangkin nga akong 26 na.. eh 18 pa lang ako.

anyway.. tuloy ang biyahe. mga alas dos ng madaling araw(mabilis ang biyahe promise!!), tumigil kami sa may 7-11 sa may urdaneta, pangasinan. nagcoffee sila habang nag hot choco at mocha kami ni gerwin (na nilibre ko as usual..)akala ko hot choco din yung kinuha nya.. ewan ko lang kung me diperensya.. pero di naman napansin nung guard at cashier.. inaantok pa siguro..

mga magsisix.. nasa sta. maria ilocos sur na kami.. ganda ng beach dito. sakto pang nasa tabi ng highway kea madaming mga nagbabiyahe din ang tumigil.. eto yung kinuha kong pic..

Image hosted by

matiwasay naman ang biyahe.. nakarating kami sa Tangaoan ng mga alas diyes. Nakakasar nga lang kasi sobrang ingay ni Jojo na nababagot na sa kakaupo sa karton niya.

Dun kami natulog sa bahay nina auntie carmen at uncle edring natulog.. wala halos tao sa bahay. si ate melvin kasi nasa hospital, binabantayan si uncle edring kasi sumama yung pakiramdam matapos magtake ng kanyang morning stroll sa bukid. nagpunta kami sa bayan para dalawin siya, at hanapin si gerwin na umalis kasama ni paul at gamit ang scooter nang walang paalam. nung kinagabihan.. napagalitan sila kasi nasira nila yung susi ng scooter.. ayun tuloy.. di na pinagamit sa kanila yung scooter... at yung pentium four na computer ni tita melvs (sayang lang, walang internet at linya ng telepono sa Tangaoan).

saturday.. nagpunta naman kami kila auntie trising (wala pa kaming bahay sa Tangaoan pero pagnakaipon na ako, yun ang unang unang gagawin ko..)and to my delight.. nakita ko yung baby brother ni Mc Mc.. si Andrea. Cute na bata.. heheh.. kulit din. pag sinabihan mo siyang "haan ka ag kutkuti!!!" hindi talaga siya gagalaw.. ewan ko ba.. takot ata sakin.. kahit todo iyak niya.. pagsinabi kong "andrea, nakatagtagare ka man! agsarding kan!" bah.. titigil nga.. anyway.. eto pic nya.. sure ko maku cutan din kayo..

Image hosted by

sana makita ni ate marissa.. hahahyyy.. kung me email addy lang siya.. ipapadala ko sa kanya lahat ng nakuha kong pic ng mga anak niya.. im sure namimiss na nila sila ni kuya cito.

sunday, ayun.,. kung saan saan naman kami napdpad sa Tanagaoan.. mga bahay ng mga tita at mga lola. Mano dito mano doon.. beso beso.. dun kami natulog kila Mc Mc. di ako masyadong nakatulog.. naalala ko pa yung mga multo na nagpapakita sa labas ng bahay.. heheh..

monday.. nagpunta kaming laoag kasi pinabakunahan si Andrea. dumaan kaming jollibee at sa st. william's church.. eto yung pix..

Image hosted by

matapos nun.. nagpunta kaming sarrat.. nakita ko kasi yung simbahan ng sta. monica nung papunta kami kea nung pauwi na kami.. dumaan kami dun.. sa sta. monica church kinasal si Irene Marcos.. as you guys probably know.. the Marcosses are from Sarrat.

here are some pics of the church...

Image hosted by

this church was established 1724.. kumpara sa ibang mga church dito sa pinas.. it is fairly old.. pero mas madami pang mas matatandang simbahan sa bansa..

eto naman yung sa loob.. takot na takot yung pamangkin kong lumapit sa altar.. sabagay.. creepy nga naman. madilim kasi.. eto ang pic..

Image hosted by

lumabas kami sa side entrance at nakita namin yung convent ng simbahan.. naabutan namin yung kapatid ko at si Mc Mc.. kakalabas lang nila sa convent na humihingal.. nung nakita nila kami.. sabi nila natakot daw sila.. bigla daw kasi silang may mnarinig na umiiyak tapos may kaluskos.. pumasok naman ako.. wala naman.. parang mini museum lang naman. may kamaganak pala kaming naging kura paroko nung church.. may nakita din kaming mga solid gold na mga gamit sa pagbibigay ng ostiya at sinaunang camera.

Image hosted by

eto naman yung belltower.. sobrang taas nya at sa katandaan ay wala nang umaakyat para iring yung bell.. delikado na kasi.. mag mga nakaattach na lang na lubid para mapatunog yung kampana sa taas.. eto oh..

Image hosted by

pagkatapos naming magpunta sa sarrat.. sa ili naman kami nagpunta para nga asikasuhin na yung mga papeles ni Mama.. eto yung mga pics nina tin tin at andrea..

Image hosted by

syempre.. kahit sa bayan ng piddig, meron ding mgamagagandang simbahan.. eto oh..

Image hosted by

ayan.. kauuwi lang namin kaning alas-kwatro.. ang saya!!! sana maulit uli sa november.. heheh..

o yea.. the camera that was used to take all these pics was given to me by this guy,,

Image hosted by

thanks man! hope to see u soon..