Wednesday, May 04, 2005

stupidity killed idol

i was in i wanted to pick a fight with one of those stupid savol fans. i will be revisting it a few minutes after i have posted here. I am soO mad. How dare they even insinuate that that pig is better than my Connie??!! ive made new friends (well.. i hope..) in the forum. they are quite nice and as nocturnal as i am.. heheheh..

my dad ang my sister are worried about me being an insomniac once again.. my only wish is to have somebody to talk to during these nights. I wish i could play ragna kaso feel ko di sya kaya ng powers ng PC ko.

I hope that nobody watches AI today-although of course that is completely impossible.. But still, a girl can hope, can't she??!!

I was amazed by carol, xiao and yani's fan accounts and interviews with my darling greek god. He was soOOOO nice and gracious. the man is oozing class as he is oozing with sex appeal.. damn! i want him back!!!

hehehe.. ive spent all night posting and i only have ten posts to my name in pinoy exchange.. hahhy naku..

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