Thursday, May 05, 2005

Of Death and Life

today is a sad day...

i was surfing the net during the wee hours of the morning (2-3 am) when suddenly, our dogs began yapping like crazy. I was surprised and i knew right then and there that something has to be wrong. Our dogs never bark, unless they are in pain or if they see something/someone new that excites them. Suddenly i heard my lil cousin from behind me, asking if i was surfing the whole nyt. i asked him what was bothering him and why he isn't in bed. He said that he was sweating a lot cuz his blanket was over him when he woke up. my dad then told him that he could stay with us and sleep on the sala if he felt more comfortable there. My cousin sat at a nearby chair for a couple of minutes then my mom got up to relieve herself. A couple of minutes later.. we discovered that our sick aunt Kathy-my mom's sister.. who was sleeping in one of the rooms.. had stopped breathing. She died...

I was shocked. It has been a year since she first came to us, she had cancer. Eversince it has been trip after trip to PGH. She was under cobalt therapy. A couple of months ago, her health began a rapid decline. They decided that her only fighting chance is Kemo Therapy. One session and her health worsened, she wasn't ready to give up but her body was. She was brave, trying her best to stay healthy and yet, it just wasn't possible anymore. She was so weak, she can't eat properly. Can't even travel to the hospital. She celebrated her bday a couple of days ago. she was so happy to see all the people who meant so much to her. and last tuesday, my two other cousins -her daughter and son, left in Pangasinan, finally came. I guess she just waited long enough to see her family complete and to see all those people who meant so much to her.

My mom, my aunt Tess all said that she was telling them that she wants to go already a couple of days before-they both tried to convince her to not give up.. but i guess, her body simply couldn't take it anymore..

To my aunt Kathy, a loving mother, sister, aunt and wife, a courageous woman. Go with God Aunt.. ur now free of all humanly restraints.. we'll miss you.. we hold on through the knowledge that you're in a better place now.. where no pain can reach you.. we love you..

today is a sad day...

... a very sad day indeed.

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