Monday, May 02, 2005

My Blog's Rebirth

whew.. after a sleepless night (can u blame me? free connection by midnight using dial-up is shitty at best!) i have finally finished refurbishing my blog. well, i know its a bit cheesy... but heck.. the guy is cute!
arf.. gusto mo ba suikoden na lang? mas mganda sya kesa dun sa sinasabi ko..
anyway.. i hope u guys like it. kung gusto nyong pagawa sakin.. bigyan nyo ko ng kopya ng template nyo.. tapos pag balik ko senyo... burahin nyo yung template (as in lahat) tapos ilagay nyo yung nasa notepad..
i am so torn. I want to go on a vacation but i have no one to go with me. My sister insists that she must stay here in Manila to undergo her basketball training. My tita is offering an all expense paid trip in subic.. hahhhyy.. but i REALLY don't want to go alone.. But of course.. other than my sister, nobody else is free to come. My parents can't go cuz my aunt is staying with us and she is terribly sick and she needs attention all the time. I wanna go somwhere, Ilocos, Samar.. wherever.. i just want to get away.. but i can't.. im so FRIGGIN BORED!!!
I'll be turning 18 on the 10th.. sadly there is no celebration..
I SO HATE IDOL!!! how dare they vote off my dear greek god.. shame on them!! I'd rather wring that big tub of lard's arrogant neck! I hate him.. oh my ever dearest constantine.. please come back..
it's been sometime since i have played my RO account.. i guess i wasn't as addicted to it as i thought..
Does anybody know when exactly is the start of our classes??

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