Sunday, April 17, 2005

Summer Blues

...being cooped up in the house on your free will with nothing but your baneful thoughts for company will definitely do some weird things to a person...

Thank God! for Pcs! My dad pitied me so much that he finally took care of the condition of my former PC. Yea sure.. my second hand CPU is working better than i had any ryt to expect.. all my peripherals are doin great, well, mostly anyway, my speakers are not yet working cuz i probably haven't installed the sound card driver right.. got myself a new keyboard (with weirdly shaped keys) and a big new mouse.. my only setback is that i am not able to install the friggin Microsoft office 2000 yet, so i don't have word or excel in this thing ryt now.. but all in all, its fine cuz i can roam the net.

I am sad this summer basically because we haven't been to any of the excursions we usually go to this time of year. I miss my cousins, my nieces and nephews... the serene peace found only in the mountains of Ilocos Norte. I miss the 6-hour trip where i have nothing to do but sit back and enjoy dawn unfolding between mountains, rivers and the wide expanse of the sea. I feel so free when i travel to places like that. Places so ancient that you feel like you're in another place in another time.. one look, one feel of that.. will be like manna to my starved soul..

For to be in the city.. you must suffer certain things that constantly gnaw at your peace of mind. Which makes me crave for the solace i find in nature. I love watching fields of grain (or sometimes tobacco) slowly turn to gold as the first shafts of sunlight awake them. I love standing at the top of a hill, staring down at the majestic land.. feeling every inch a goddess...

..oh well, like i said.. being cooped up at home, all alone w/ur thoughts as your only companion will really do things to person's sanity.. hehehe..

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