Sunday, January 30, 2005

poem nanaman

Come my sweet, lay and rest
Your body, mind and soul
Soldier, you have passed a test
Which had often left men cold

Put down your sword and shed your armor
Take with it your face's pale pallor
Let me wash from you the scent of battle
That has left your heart cold and brittle

Let me warm your hands that had killed so coldly
Release all the silent burden which you carry
Scream, destroy or cry if you have to
Whoever said that a warrior can't shed tears too

Come, rest, seek comfort in my arms
Here in my lair, to you will come no harm
I would not steal your zennies, i assure you Knight
I am but a simple acolyte, who took pity on your plight

Hush, the war is over, the enemies are slayed
You sir are bloody, hysteric and a bit insane
Now, just close your eyes, and i'll blow out the candle light
I bid you the sweetest of dreams and a kiss goodnight

~owari!okay.. COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

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