Sunday, January 30, 2005

Fire poem

You light my darkest night
Oh fire, my fire, you burn so bright
Exposing the fears that i had laid to rest
Turning it to cinders with a flick of your crest

You tease me as you laughed and danced through the night
I didn't know that anything could feel so wonderful, so right
Utterly facinated by your fiery nature
Your one flaw, but in it I find the greatest treasure

And so I let you posses me
Hoping that in our madness, i'll be able to see
Your heart which you hide
A glimpse of your soul and your gentle side

I saw the shadow of the heart i seek to claim
Abandonly i thrust my hands into your flame
I felt your soul incite me to fever
A spirit so hot, it gives me shivers

I thought i had apiece of your ember heart burning brightly in my hands
Then suddenly it vanished as you smiled and melted thru the sand
Nursing my hand which you had cruelly singed
The scent of my burnt flesh is making me cringe

You had gone, as fast as you came
Laughing at foolish li'l me whom you suckerred in your game
Leaving me cold and burnt all the way to my soul
How was I to know you'd turn my heart to the blackest of coal?

Brittle as my heart, it shattered into pieces
Making me cynical and guiltless
So fire, now i play as you do
Tricking anyone foolish enough to love me true

~owari. THIS POEM IS MINE. PLS. DON'T copy it w/out my permission. thanks

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